What we do?

When we carefully put bricks together.
Well, that is just the begininning

When we put lines together and create stories…

Where we find ourselves and lose ourselves

How we work

A great design is an outcome of a great team. We just love to make our clients part of our team.

  • Listen

    Being able to listen to and accurately interpret a clients need is a skill that is an absolute necessity for an architect/ understand their needs.

    Understanding exactly what each of our clients needs and wants lies at the heart of our approach to design. This allows us to build a bespoke service to suit each relationship

  • Think

    Imagination is the beginning of creation. Once we know what the client wants we then put our thinking hats on and start throwing ideas and creative/innovative suggestions to pave the way ahead.

  • Design

    This is our favorite part! Bringing these ideas together on paper to create A design that not just looks good but also works great.

  • Deliver

    To be totally honest if you work through the first three phases of this process correctly this stage usually takes care of itself! In the delivery phase, it is important to do just that, DELIVER.

    When you build a partnership with your designer, you’ll get a lot more than just a good looking deliverable. You’ll get something that is more effective, functional and pleasing to the eye.

Who are we

Shilpa Kabra


Masters in Advanced Architectural Design - Oxford Brookes University (U.K.)

Shilpa enjoys the challenges that lie in details.
Her mantra is “Detail is what makes the design.”

Rajat Kabra


B. Arch. - Mumbai University

Rajat likes to innovate and experiment.
He believes “Design leads to innovation and
innovation demands design”

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